Piko Taro “PPAP Song” Singer Wiki, Bio, Contact Details (Phone Number, Twitter, Youtube)

PIKO TARO “PPAP Song” Singer Wiki, Bio, Contact Details (Phone Number, Twitter, Youtube)- PIKO TARO who is one of the most funny and viral person on the Internet right now due to his latest video song named PPAP (Pen pineapple Apple Pen)Piko Taro is an anecdotal musician/artist made by Japanese comic KosakaDaimaou. It was posted on YouTube on 25 August 2016 and has since turned into a web sensation with more than 5 million perspectives and 53 thousand preferences 27 Sep 2016 BST. The video was posted to on Facebook by 9GAG, where it has more than 50 million perspectives, more than 500 thousand preferences and very nearly 1 million shares.

 TWEET OF JUSTIN BIEBER: PPAP song video gone viral on YouTube and also the superstar Justin Bieber tweets that this video is one of the favorite funny videos of him. He also shares this video on Internet.




1. FACEBOOK@PikoTaro

PIKO TARO has an official page on Facebook in which he accumulated more than 55 K likes and he uploads funny videos over there. His PPAP song video is posted on Facebook by 9GAG. If anyone wants to like his page then they can visit this link which is given above.


2. TWITTER: @pikotaro_ppap

PIKO TARO has an account on Twitter in which earned more than 10.9 K followers and 439 tweets in which one tweet is of Justin Bieber. He said that PPAP video is my favorite video on the Internet. Piko Taro Joined Twitter in June 2016. If anyone wants to follow him then they can visit this link which is given above.


3. YOUTUBEChannel ( Not Verified)

PIKO TARO has no official channel page on YouTube. This is the link of PPAP video played out by PIKO TARO which gone viral on YouTube. Viewers of this video are more than 6.8 Million and this video was published on 24 September 2016 on YouTube. In one month this video earned more than 93K likes. If anyone wants to see the video then they can visit this link which is given above.


4. PINTEREST: @PikaTaro

You can see PIKO TARO’S PPAP song video on PINTEREST also. The link is given above.



He has no account on INSTAGRAM.


6. Phone Number: 

He is from Japan and there is no verified number avaliable for contacting him.

Comment with your thoughts about his Pen Pinapple Apple pen.


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