Fit Tea Reviews, Customer Care, Helpline Phone Number, Contact Details, Order Online

Fit Tea Reviews, Customer Care, Helpline Phone Number, Contact Details, Order Online- FIT TEA is a world-famous green tea and is made in the USA. This tea was founded in 2011 and is used all over the world by thousands of people. The fluid contains powerful blend of Ingredients and only comes in teabagsIt is formulated to enhance the weight management program as a part of a healthy diet. All ingredients come from certified organic suppliers.


• It Boosts Energy
• It Boosts Immunity
• It Boosts Metabolism
• It is a fat burner


▪ Organic green tea
▪ Oolong Wu Yi
▪ Garcinia Cambogia Extract
▪ Pomegranate
▪ Organic Rooibos
▪ Ginger
▪ Stevia
▪ Honey
▪ Fuarana
▪ Citric Acid
▪ Sea Salt
▪ Lemon Juice
▪ Matcha Green Tea

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Fit Tea has a page on FACEBOOK in which they get thousands of likes. You can watch videos which is posted by Fit Tea and if you want updates then you can visit this link which is given above


They have an account on TWITTER and they joined this account on JULY 2011. They always give updates to their followers. So, if anyone wants to follow Fit Tea on TWITTER then they can visit this link which is given above.


This Tea company has an account on INSTAGRAM also in which they posted their product’s pictures or videos. For following the INSTAGRAM page of Fit Tea then you can visit this link which is given above.


The company has a channel page on YouTube. On this page, you can see the latest videos uploaded by Fit Tea. So, you can subscribe this channel page and the link is given above.

PHONE NUMBER+1 321-270-0033



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10 thoughts on “Fit Tea Reviews, Customer Care, Helpline Phone Number, Contact Details, Order Online

  1. I called in this number more than 10 times. It showed that the line was busy. But nobody called me back. I am so disappointed.

  2. They just took away my money and this number doeant even answer theu do this on purpose just to steal from u

        1. I subscribed for there $79.99 tea pack and they never shipped it to me even though they said they did! I emailed them again and they said they give me a refund because they are sold out but didn’t contact me last month. It’s been two weeks since they said they’d give me refund.

  3. They suck! Received only a portion of my order took money no problem. I’ve sent several emails to customer service and no response . I am looking for refund or the rest of my order. The only phone # listed on internet is constantly busy. Do not buy from them. Poor customer service they can’t even reply.

  4. I have been sending emails to their support department and have tried calling their number about 100 times and I have yet to receive a response from them. On my last order, I ordered 1 Fit Tea 48 day tea bags and 2 Fit Tea Sticks. I have only received 1 container of Fit Tea Sticks. I am asking for the missing product or for a refund, but absolutely nobody answers emails or the phone. This is getting quite frustrating and I have never seen such poor after sale or customer service in my life. SO UNHAPPY!!!

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