Mateo Bowles aka Shmateo : 6 Ways to Contact Him (Phone Number, Email, House address, Social profiles)

Mateo Bowles aka Shmateo aka Ogleloo from Ayo and Teo Channel : 6 Ways to Contact Him (Phone Number, Email, House address, Social profiles)- Mateo Bowles is a teenage Dancer as well as YouTube Personality from America. He has got fame for his YouTube Channel Ayo & Teo and this channel has collaborated with his Brother Ayleo. Mateo came into limelight after appearing as a dancer in rapper Lil Haiti’s music video for his single “Hit the Wave”. This duo was also invited by Singer and entrepreneur Usher himself to perform to his number at the 2016 BET Awards. Ayo & Teo have made their Hot 100 debut with the track “Rolex” which has released in 2017. He has also appeared in Chris Brown’s “Party” music video. 




He has his own account on INSTAGRAM in which he always posted his Videos or Pictures on INSTAGRAM. To follow him visit this link which given above.


He has joined Twitter in March 2015. You can tweet him at @shmateo_ where he has gained thousands of followers. If you want to follow him then visit the above link.


He has his official channel on YouTube in which he earned millions of subscribers. Here, he uploads his videos. You can leave a comment on one of his recently updated videos. If you want to subscribe to his channel then visit the above link.


We couldn’t find any kind of Phone Number.

Email Id- ayoteobusiness@gmail.com

This is the business Email id of the star. Please send all your commercial proposals on this email id only.

House Address or Postal Address-

He was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA but we couldn’t find his exact address.

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39 thoughts on “Mateo Bowles aka Shmateo : 6 Ways to Contact Him (Phone Number, Email, House address, Social profiles)

  1. Shmateo is an amazing dancer…pretty cute…adorable and sexy.
    I’ve got to say….I wish he were mine but its all just an imagination✨♥

  2. Shmateo i love your dance stepsYou are so good in dance..you are every girls dream Keep dancing ,its a good gift from God❤❤

  3. My name is Ben but my friends call me alpha dawg .i live in south Africa Johannesburg, i can dance like you, i have videos but i don’t know to send them . i want to be like you , i want to be famous like you could you please send me your numbers i will send my videos to this google account .And you also teo

    Ayo Teo Business

  4. hi ayo and teo i love yall i want to Dance in yall youtube video my i phone number is (860)328-9233 and my name is jassontae just call me tae money$ that is my famus name whin i am in yall youtubevideo Danceing i Been practiceing Danceing just like yall when i was 6 years old and my Birthday is on febuary 25th i am about to Be 18 years old this year. i am so happy! so pleas call me or text me on my i phone Ayo and Teo or i will text yall ok ayo and teo.

  5. hey Ayo and Teo i want u guys to dance with me at the talent show at my school it is dalton middle my phone number is (706 218 0344) contact me and i will give u try outs and practice and the day of talent show and things like that see u guys bye

  6. My name is sibusiso from i also live in South African in Johannesburg i also can dance reverse and started dancing it from 10 till 14 years old it in my blood i can’t stop dancing reverse so can you please send your tens so we can link up if you wanna…?by the way if you on IG contact me my IG name is Icon_sauce

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