Mark Thomas ( Duhitzmark) Phone number, Email, House address, Social profiles

Mark Thomas ( Duhitzmark) Phone number, Email, House address, Social profiles- Mark Thomas who is a well-known social media star is famous with his social media brand name Duhitzmark. He has a huge fan following on social media channels. He got fame when he started posting his TikTok made videos on different social media networks.

We have got a huge list of his fans demanding his personal contact details and personal information. Fans love to follow him on his channels and keep them updated with his latest postings. Here are the ways you can contact this star and there is a chance that he may respond you.

Mark Thomas ( Duhitzmark) Contact details-


1. Twitter- @duhitzmark

With 586k followers on Twitter, he is one of the most followed social media star on this platform. He keeps on posting latest stuff on this channel and gets a good engagement of the users too. Recently he posted about the launching of his latest song “point em’ out” and has got more than 2k Retweets.

2. Instagram- @duhitzmark

Instagram is majorly known as a hub of celebrities these days and even Mark Thomas uses this to get in touch with his fans just like Jacob sartorius. He has also crossed the mark of 3.1 million followers and gets an average of 100k likes on his every post.

3. Vine- Channel

 15 million loops on Vine definitely represents a star with a huge fan following. Though, he is not much active on Vine and posts there after 2-3 weeks.

4. Tiktok- @duhitzmark

 With just 519 musicals he has earned about 2.01 million fans and 100 Million hearts on Musical.ly. Though he misses the leaderboard there fans love to watch him on musical.ly.

5. House address or Post box address- Unknown

 His Home address is not available on any of his profiles. He lives in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania but exact address is not available to us.

6. Youtube-Channel

 He has earned about 734k subscribers there but he is not a regular YouTuber. Thus we suggest you not to try contacting him on Youtube.

7. Snapchat- @tumblr_mark

 Snapchat is the place where everyone loves to be a DOG :D. He also loves to do the same and he is a regular visitor on that app.

8. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4u9ixzaoYbgVyamVQ4Nowq?autoplay=true

9. Phone number-N/A

His phone number of not publicly shared yet. However, we will inform you once we get his phone number. One more thing, Keep checking the comments below as there may be a comment with his original number there.

10. Website: https://www.markthomas.com/

Comment below with your feelings about Mark Thomas. We will update more details related to him soon.

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121 thoughts on “Mark Thomas ( Duhitzmark) Phone number, Email, House address, Social profiles

      1. Can you guys please stop giving out fake numbers? I don’t really like it. I will give out my number when I am ready.
        – Mark Thomas

  1. hi I’m Jordan and love your channel and you are really funny I hope you get this. if you would like to contact me you can call or text me at ( 915 -261-5204) or email me at (Jordannflammia@outlook.com).

    1. Hey if you know any famous peoples number add me on instgram an message them to me and btw my acc is private
      Thats my instagram ❤❤
      Xoxo -kamryn

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  4. Mark Thomas I want your phone number please badly because I am your biggest mega fan ever. I hope I can get to see you soon. But mostly I want your phone number

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