DD Osama: 6 Ways to Contact him (Phone Number, Social profiles)

DD Osama aka David Reyes (Age, Bio): 6 Ways to Contact him (Phone Number, Social profiles)- DD Osama is an American Rapper who has got famous for his singles such as “Without You,” “Dead Opps,” and “40s N 9s”. He was born on 29, 2006 (Age: 17 years), in Harlem, New York. Osama collaborated on music with his brother Ethan Reyes, known professionally as Notti Osama, who passed away in July 2022. He is a member of the Notti World collective. He is also active on Instagram where he has posted his photos and videos.


INSTAGRAM: @ddosama

He has an account on INSTAGRAM in which he posts his Videos or Pictures on INSTAGRAM. To follow him visit the link given above.

TWITTER: @realddosamaa

He has an account on Twitter where he Posts his pictures and videos on his profile. If you want to follow him then you can use the above link.

YOUTUBE: @channel

He has his official account on youtube, You can watch his videos through the above-given link.


SPOTIFY: @artist


We couldn’t find his phone number.

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36 thoughts on “DD Osama: 6 Ways to Contact him (Phone Number, Social profiles)

  1. hi am big fan dd.osama in notti i know notti die is good dd.osama rap for him is simple how you keep going on doing rap song i know you going to keep rap is you in whisper yes say yes can start rap a lot more pls for fan pls i know you don,t care adout fam you only did it for notti good he want you to keep come you talk to some one like mom or fan what thay think about it of like what you think of notti dieing you make grow in you in you homies don,t let you or your homies down or us noing changes only if you keep like it matter i love people in my mom like you do to dd.osama

      1. It’s notti he is not your brother cuz he is only ddosamas brother
        And ddot is not ddosama brother its his best friend so your lying

    1. Please give me his number I watch all the songs and I’ve got everybody into them they all of them too and I was trying to go to the concert

  2. Hi DD Osama me and my cousins are big fans we listen to your music 24/7 and we almost know all of your song and E4N and LLN ️️ long live edo ️️

  3. HI DDOSAMA I think your cute I love your personality smile and how kind you are and I was wondering not for dating just to be friends here is my number but I know you don’t like girls your age or girls that lower t than your age but I just wanna be friends so here is my number. Luv the new music video

  4. DDOSAMA I love you! You’re the best drill rapper that I know I like watching your vids i always wanted to go to your concert. Ddot and your sister and Notti and you I love y’all funny and I love your laugh I also love jstar I love all of them hopefully you see this and reply back hope Notti stay safe Notti E4N R.I.P N4L❤️

  5. Hi ddosma wsp gang u got good raps and I want to know if u could teach me to rap and I’m Srry notti died I lost my brother to and I’m not ur age but u could call me my number is and I’m a fan of ur raps and videos and I know that I would not be fair but I would like to be ur dog so write me back if so DeAsia✌️Gang

  6. I LOVE DD OSAMA notti osama suger hills but i cannot let my curshs know that am in love wiith dd osama notti osama suger hill ddot no am 12 my b day is octber 4th am go to be 13 my cursh is luke sncy chance nate lurry eathen dd osama suger hill ddot dd osama need to relpy to are comments i know he see it ddot too

  7. yall wanna know his number so bad yet i read sum and it said he dont have a direct number or whatsapp bc of the spam and stuff

  8. I wish I cloud talk to you for one second of at least see you on face time I don’t care if you bullying me at least your talking lately I’ve been watching you videos and I think I really do like you not how other people oh he’s so doll I love him I LOVE YOU NO CAP

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