Baby Ariel: 10 ways to Contact her (Phone Number, Email, House address, Social profiles)

Baby Ariel: 10 ways to Contact her (Phone Number, Email, House address, Social profiles), Musers Numbers 2017 – Talking about one of the most beautiful  Musical.ly star in the industry no one can forget Baby Ariel in this list. Only competition she has is from social media star Loren Gray Beech. Also with millions of followers on Instagram, she is one of the leading social media star personality on the Internet after Jacob sartorius. Baby Ariel real name is Ariel Martin and very less of her fans know about this detail.

She got fame from an application called TikTokand she has millions of fans on the particular network. She loves to lead the list of Top Musers of the list. Here is the list of the mediums which can be really effective when you are trying to contact her.

Baby Ariel Contact Details-


1. Twitter- BabyAriel

Her Twitter account is most active and you can expect a shout-out from her on twitter. Baby Ariel has almost millions of followers on Twitter and has a very good engagement of fans on the network. S

2. Instagram- @babyariel

Instagram is the trump card of these stars and gets good stardom there. She does a lot of promotions there and it is her genuine account. I also suggest you not to follow any other fake account of Ariel.

3. YouNow- Channel

Millions of loops on the YouNow channel with thousands of followers indicate a well-matured and established account. However, She is not much active at YouNow and mostly revines other people’s videos there.

4. TIK TOK-@babyariel

5. House address or Post box address-

She was born in South Florida. Her dad is from Panama and mom was born in New Jersey.

6. EMAIL: ariel@babyariel.com

She is also nominated for Teen choice awards along with Jacob and Loren in Choice Muser list. She lives in Florida right now.

7. Youtube-Channel

She has millions of subscribers on youtube. She also involves her brother Jacob in videos too. You can get her latest videos on Youtube.

8. Snapchat- @arielxrebecca

She is super active on Snapchat and mostly posts random activities on it. She loves to be a cat on the network. Her Mom usually gets featured with her in videos making funny situations.

9. Facebook-OfficialBabyAriel

Her Facebook page has thousands of likess and barely once in a week she updates the page. If you want to like herpage then you can use the above link.

10. Phone number-

She has shared her phone number only secretly and may be available in comments below. Her Mom manages her social media accounts so you may get a reply from them regarding any business deal.

Comment below with the messages you want to give to Ariel.

Will be back with more details about him soon.

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