Amancio Ortega Gaona: 4 Ways to Contact Him (Phone Number, Email, Social profiles)

Amancio Ortega Gaona: 4 Ways to Contact Him (Phone Number, Email, Social profiles)- AMANCIO ORTEGA GOANA is a Spanish businessman who is the richest person in Europe and the wealthiest retailer in the world. Amancio Ortega is a founder of ZARA brand. He started manufacturing textiles through a small family company in 1963 after some time he expanded his business and he opened the first store in 1989 in America. Amancio Ortega net worth is estimated at US$79.5 billion as of 9th September 2016. Ortega’s a mystery for press and public alike and a publicist’s nightmare is Spain’s richest man


He was born on 28 March 1936 in Busdongo de Arbás, León, SpainAmancio left school and moved to La Coruñaat the age of 14, due to the job of his father, a railway worker. He found a job after some time and learned how to make clothes by hand. 

 Amancio Ortega Gaona PERSONAL PROFILE

• NAMEAmancio Ortega Gaona
• DATE OF BIRTH: 28 March 1936
• BIRTH PLACEBusdongo de Arbás, León, Spain
• SOURCE OF INCOME: Zara, Retail
• MARITAL STATUS: Married (Flora Pérez)
• ETHNICITY: Spanish
• OCCUPATION: Fashion Executive, Businessman
• CHILDREN: 3 (Marta, Sandra, Marcos)


FACEBOOK: @Amancio-Ortega

AMANCIO ORTEGA has its own page on FACEBOOK in which he earned thousands of likes and he always updated his page. If anybody wants to know more about him then they can visit this link which is given above.

INSTAGRAM: @amancioortegagaona

He has an account on INSTAGRAM in which he accumulated thousands of followers and he only follows 1 person. He uploads his pictures or videos over there and he mainly uploads pictures of his own. If anybody wants to know more about him then they can visit this link which is given above.

TWITTER: @amancio_ortega_

He has an account on TWITTER in which he accumulated more than a thousand followers. He uploads his pictures or videos over there and he mainly uploads pictures of his own. If anybody wants to know more about him then they can visit this link which is given above.


His phone number is not available yet. But we will try to update you asap with more details soon.

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84 thoughts on “Amancio Ortega Gaona: 4 Ways to Contact Him (Phone Number, Email, Social profiles)

  1. Dear sir/Amancio Ortega,
    Honorable business magnate, the richest person in Europe and Spain,
    First take my salaam and greets in my heart. Hope well with your family. I am shah Alam from Bangladesh. Really am a helpless poor orphan .I am a low class man. I am a KG School Teacher. I use to run any kind of family .Recently my father has died cause as Censer. For treatment I have lost all even my house land. I Know you are the most charitable person of the world. so I am writing Expect a book please don’t disappoint me. Also my mother was died when I was child. so i am completely exhausted. Truly I am a poor ,helpless poor man who has no house of my own .i am now destitute. On the other hand this time we lock down for corona virous. This Corona time really we are not die as Corona we die without eating sir it is not impossible for you to give new life to my family. I know you are widely regarded as one of the greatest charitable richest man in the History of the World. Cannot you overcome my lake of family? Sir please help me some dollar, I will be tired of your servant. Your donation will survive a family. God has made you rich and came to earth to help poor and helpless, shelter less and orphan people. The world is so beautiful because there are people like you. Thousands of helpless people like on the earth because you are so kind. Sir, cannot give new life to my family. Really that’s no matter for you. please sir give me just a few money like fakir. Not a single point of my belief, sir, is a lie. Please help me some money to do something and bear my family. Please sir you mind you donate in orphans organization .You do not give to the fakirs, You give me in the same way. Please give me the gift of GOD. As a fakir zakat translated me. father cannot you save you son’s family? oh father please help me otherwise I have suicide .Please sir give me your leg help me. I know you are very kind merciful .GOD has given a lot of wealth. Please father if I were your son what could not help me? I know you are so mercy. I am completely bankrupt for my father treatment. Only you can help me otherwise I will Suicide. I’d like to ask you for some money that you donate fakirs .i don’t know what to say you to? but I call you father. O Father, please help me. If the Father is starving your son’s family, you don’t help? O father give me a chance to live anew. I will pray for you all my life. Please be kind to me. what can you do? Really I cannot depend another without you please sir help me. Your generosity will protect my family. u father spending your one day can give new life my family .God will be kind to you. Already your generosity has saved many families on earth.do you think is no love for the poor. God has given a lot of wealth by the grace of God. father I beg you for life in my family. please father bless me.
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  2. Amancio Ortega, thank you for reading my email, I am Rosana Carneiro Alves, I am 56 years old and I had a great fight in my life, I am a very determined person and with a heart willing to help people.

    Given the things that all of humanity has been through, I feel the responsibility to create a Plan B for the survival of some, we are heading for events with no return and we need to help the largest number of people together.

    What is formed before our eyes makes us aware and everyone who has a motivated heart will do something to help each other., For this reason I write, I have a great desire to create a productive community farm, where about 500 people they will be able to plant and harvest and raise animals for their livelihood, but I am unable to put this Plan B into action so I humbly ask for your help.

    Whatever the amount that can help me I will be very grateful, I want to get a property that I can with these people plant vegetables, fruits, vegetables and raise animals, we do not know the direction that everything that we are going through is going to take and so we need to do some thing to survive all of that.

    May your generous heart help me with a small surplus that you have.

    I’m Rosana Carneiro Alves, I live in Brazil, at Rua Lourdes de Paula, 86, Tatui São Paulo, my phone and 15 981089138.

    If you feel motivated to help me I will be grateful, my bank account follows.
    Banco Caixa Economica Federal
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    operation 001
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    Rosana Carneiro Alves.

    Your willingness will help me a lot and make all the difference, invest in believing in this moment so difficult for everyone.

    No further

    Rosana Carneiro Alves

  3. Honourable  The Philanthropist Amancio Ortega

    With  due  respect  I beg  to draw your kind attention that  I  have  become  homeless,  foodles, clothless owing to the Cyclone.

    *Don’t  ignore us as we are the poorest family.  (Children remain hungry  ).

    * Bashed ‘s   family  had  fallen  in  grip  of cyclone  ‘Amfan.  Our  house  was  blown away  owing  to the  Cyclone ‘Amfan . Pay some  dollars  as  alms  for the  poorest   children  to build  house.

    * Children are being passed days without having meals at this moment.

    *The poorest  Bashed’s  family  devote you  from  the  core  of heart.  

    *We  need strong relationship with you.

    * If   I  were  relative ,  can  you  deny  to help   Bashed  ?  

    *As  far Bashed knows  about  foreigners  / Philanthropist ,  they  are  truthful, helpful, honest, punctual  and  amiable in behaviour. It is totally wrong  idea.

    * Foreigners  / Philanthropists   are not helpful .

    *Leaders / the  richest    don’t  have  mentality  to help  the  poorest  Bashed ‘s   family.

    *Bashed  communicated  many    the  Richest men  /  Philanthropists .   But it is  a  matter  of  regret that  they   don’t   give / provide  any  help  /   assurance  regarding    financia l support.

    *Pay  some dollars  on humanitarian grounds , broad mind and sacrificing views.

    *  The  job  is  essential  for  living  . If you  make  delay to process Visa,  we  would be vanished . Then after death,  Bashed’sfamily  need  not  help.

    *Kindly  rescue  Bashed ‘s  family  from  the worsen / fallen  conditions.. Humble requested.  We  would   be  ever  grateful  to you. 

    *  Untold  suffering / harassment  have  been happening for last  15 years. 

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    * Reply   in  two  lines with hope    regarding  financial support.  

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    * Bashed ‘s  family    are about   to  die  the  lack   of   money .

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    * Send  the  mail to the  richest  men  sothat   Philanthropist  may  provide     fnancial  support  .

    * Bashed  need  the   work / job.

    * Let  us  show to  find  out  the way  of  living   . 

    *How   do we eat ? 

    * Bashed ‘s family  living  in the open sky..

    *we  don’t get  a  kind -heart  person  who takes  responsibility  of  my  family. But Alas   ! !

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    * Men  don’t  get a little  bit  sympathy  for  men . Men don’t  behave like men . A beast  behaves  like  man . A man  would  be shameful.

    * Abul  Bashed   & Roksana Bashed must carry out your   orders including     all  types of works .

    * Bashed  is  bored  to hear  tight  situation   for getting Visa.( Foreigners   speech)

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    * we  need  to  process  Visa in your country  the soonest possible time  .


    * A little bit   efforts  of  a kind-heart person can save our life/   change  our life.

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    ( Each and everyone  can  pay) .

    * Bashed ‘s  family  would  die soon  in  hungry  / starvation. Don’t    avoid Bashed ‘s   family  in  raising   Coronaviras. 


    * Nobody  writes  Bashed  in giving hopes   regarding    Job and financial    support .

    *Bashed want to   earn  livelihoods   by  hard labour . Let  us   have  an   opportunity for livelihoods. 

    * Bashed ‘ s  family  don’t  have  way to live  on. 

    *Bashed reads  mail with  the deepest hopes  but  the  contain of mail is meaningless. 

    * Leaders   used  to waste huge  foods   while  my children  remain   hungry    atrocities. 

    * Don’t  write   unnecessary  long  Email  regarding  Coronaviras .

    * Call me over What’s App: (Mobile)

    880-0193  85  98  300

    ABUL   BASHED  ( Full Name)
    Date of birth:
    16, February  ,1975
    National ID Card No.


    ROKSANA  BASHED ( Full Name)
    Date of birth:
    01, July ,1975
    National   ID Card No.


    Permanent Address  ( Home)
    Residential  Area ( Home)
    68 / 2, Bachila, Mohammadpur
    Postal Code : 1207
    Payable  us  Mobile   Through 
    B-kash  / Bank  / Western Union
    01938598300  ( call  me )
    Country code  : 880
    Salim  Mridha .
    Deputy  Director ( Reporting)
    National  Parliament  Assembly
    6 th Level , Sher-E- Bangla Nagar .
    Dhaka in Bangladesh

    We have fallen in great problems:
    1)  Eating  problems 
    2) House-rent  due 
    3) School fee pending due 
    4) we borrowed huge amount 

    5) Unable  to purchase   medicine 
    6) Unable to admit school     

    Islami  Bank  Bangladesh  Limited 
    Abul   Bashed 
    Branch : Dhanmondi , Dhaka, 
    Savings Account No . 
    20502050200  9638   02
    Dhanmondi Postal   code : 1209
    IFIC  Bank  Limited 
    Abul   Bashed 
    Bachila  Uposhakha  Under Arshinagar 
    Accoun t  No.
    01800  660  288  11
    Postal   code: 1207

    Children   Details :
    JANATUL   MALIHA  ( Full Name)
    Date of birth: 22, December , 2010
    Bachila High School
    Bachila, Mohammadpur, Dhaka.
    Class: Six , First  Girl
    Janatul Maliha reads in class six.
    She  is first girl in class Six.
    She desires to be  a scientist.
    School ‘ Name : Bachila High School, Mohammadpur, Dhaka. (Well known school )
    IMTIAJ HOSSAIN ( Full Name)                    
    Date of birth:
    11, July, 2007
    Bachila High School
    Bachila, Mohammadpur,Dhaka
    Class: Nine (Science)
    He desires to be an Engineer. ( Dream)
    School ‘Name : Bachila High School.
    Imtiaj Hossain achieved GAP-5 ( A+)  in class five.

    *We  provide  my children  as  patronage  if we  get a  kind-heart  person .
    * Search Google in  Bangladesh  Election  Commission website in taking National ID Card  Number   and knows  about  Abul Bashed.
    *My Full Name and  Given Name : 
    ABUL   BASHED ( Full Name)
    JANATUL   MALIHA  ( Age: 10+)

    * Note that  this Name   was kept  according  to Educational Qualifications and  National ID Card. 

    = We don’t get any fruitful  answers  having  knocked  at  politicians ‘ door.
    Kindly  pardon me if we committed any mistakes.
    Abul Bashed( Full Name)
    Roksana Bashed     ( Full Name)
    Dhaka in Bangladesh 

    Postal Code: 1207
    880-0161077 4171

  4. Dear Sir
    I’m a young simple teacher in south east of Iran, somewhere located in desert, a real hell.
    People here, drink muddy water as drinking water (healthy drinking water is a dream for them).
    Somewhere which very basic primary living necessaries are not available. People here should travel
    Around 300 km to visit a doctor. In fact people are fighting the hostile nature to live their lives.

    But lack of a school or even a classroom is the one hurting me the most. Not even a small classroom.
    I have to teach a bunch of different age kids sitting on the ground gazing at me all the time with no
    Books, no notebooks, no blackboard and nothing at all, in direct sunlight open space.

    I asked for help 3 times in last two years but each time a foreign benefactor helped us (like sending us
    The stuff and things needed here) the local government did grab and hold the shipment goods then
    detained it and finally confiscated the goods for the government.You know why, because we believe in
    different religion. We believe in sunni religion but the central ones do believe in shia (the majority
    religion in Iran is shia) and that’s why we are not welcome ,that’s why we are not appreciated , we are
    sunni and the hate us , so we are trapped here.

    We do need your help. Anytime you drink healthy water or your kids easily go to school or visit a doctor,
    close your eyes and imagine us fighting the nature to maintain our lives. We do need your help. You
    have the power to be a help , you have the ability to be a kind benefactor , so listen to your heart listen
    to your soul and help us to make a better place for these kids. in the name of humanity , I ask you to
    be a help . Please enjoy the power you have to make God satisfied.

    Dear benefactor, what we need is listed below costing about 172000 USD. I’m not asking you to pay it all(even though if you pay it all kindly it would solve our village problems faster ) , but I’m sure someone so famous and powerful as you , got his own close friends or crew or family which can be a great help while being together. Please listen to your heart and save these people.
    30 kVA Three Phase Silent Diesel Generator + Cables and wiring equipment: 12000 USD
    (Providing the power for the classrooms, water purifying system, 3 airconditons, clinic and refrigerator).
    Water purifying system (purifying 1000lit/day): 15000 USD
    Multilayer water storage tank (5000lit): 6500 USD
    Piping equipment and installation: 2000 USD
    Used shipping container (at least 20 sqft): 3 units costing about 3 x 20000 = 60000 USD
    (Two containers as classroom and one as a simple clinic)
    Reassembling and transforming the containers to classroom and a clinic: 20000 USD
    Classroom furniture (desk, bench, white board, First aid box, school bag ….): 5500 USD
    Clinic furniture (like nursing and caring stuff): 10000 USD
    Refrigerator (keeping the clinic medicine and drugs in safe temperature):3000 USD
    Air conditioner (3 units): 3 x 5000 = 15000 USD
    2 simple ordinary laptop + a simple internet router: 7000 USD
    Lighting equipment (so the classroom can be used even after sunset): 1000 USD
    Transportation: 15000 USD

    In Iran, ordinary people cannot have international accounts to transfer money. Sending us what we need will result in confiscating by government. The best way to solve the problem is to purchase it from the internal suppliers. We do need your help to make these people and their kids happy.
    Help us as much as you can, as much as your heart suggests.
    We are waiting to have your answer as a Gmail. The Gmail address is: ryzbhpa@gmai.com
    We will be happy and grateful to have your answer even it is negative.
    Best regards and God bless us all.

  5. Please help buy a home because I live in a shelter and my car engine blew just today.

    Just send me certified bank cheques by email for a small home somewhere in the world.

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