Ryan Toys Review Contact Details | 6 Ways to Contact him ( Phone number, Social Profiles)

Ryan Toys Review Wiki Bio Contact Details | 6 Ways to Contact him ( Phone number, Social Profiles), Parents Info – Ryan is a phenomenal 3 years old cute Kid who loves toys a lot. He loves Cars, Trains, Thomas and friends, Lego, Superheroes, Disney toys, open surprise eggs, play doh , Pixar Disney cars , Disney Planes, monster trucks, minions, playtime at the fun, family fun adventure and so much more!  Ryan will also love doing fun and easy science experiments for kids. Which toys they used to give review that toys they donate to a local child charity for good will

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One of the fastest growing toy channels on YouTube is of Ryan ToysReview, has an estimated net worth of $6.5 million. The family becomes millionaires and the kids, including Ryan himself, get to receive any toy they could possibly dream of. For a channel that just began in March 2015, it has already surpassed well over 4 billion views. That is just incredible. This Filipino family from California hit a gold mine and they have delivered videos nonstop ever since. 



RYAN has an official channel page on YouTube in which he earned more than 4.1 M subscribers and views of this channel page are in billions. He joined this channel page on March 16, 2015. He always uploads his videos of Toys playing etc. If you want to subscribe this page you can visit this link which is given above.

GOOGLE+: RyanToysReview

He has an account on GOOGLE+ also in which he accumulated 785 followers. Here, you can see the updates of RYAN TOYSREVIEW. To get updates of new toys you can visit this link which is given above.


He has an official page on FACEBOOK in which he gets 2.7K likes and he uploads his reviews on FACEBOOK. If you want to get updates then visit this link which is given above.


He has an account on Twitter also in which he accumulated 1.7 K followers and he joined this page in March 2015. If you want to get updates then visit this link which is given above. 


He has an account on INSTAGRAM also in which he accumulates 366 followers. If you want to get updates then visit this link which is given above.

Phone Number-

His phone number is not available yet. But we will try to update you asap with more details soon.

Meanwhile he broke record of other Youtube personalities like Jacob sartoriusCameron Dallas and Loren Gray Beech too.

Comment below with your thoughts about this small youtube star.

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153 thoughts on “Ryan Toys Review Contact Details | 6 Ways to Contact him ( Phone number, Social Profiles)

  1. Hi Ryan. If you see this message my 3 year old princess would love to talk to you or meet you. It would be a dream come true and make her world. She watches your videos every day a couple times a day. She’s your biggest fan. She crys very often so she can call you. Sometimes she starts dialing numbers then gets so disappointed when she realizes it’s not you. Her birthday is April 28th so if you could PLEASE get in contact with her PLEASEEEE. Thanks!

  2. Ryan 5 year old son says everytime he watches you on YouTube which is everyday he says Mommy I want Ryan to come over to my house and play he loves watching your videos and would love to meet you so please let us know how we canmeet u

    1. Our family is having the same problem! I can’t stand this family ! The mom has seriously made this into a business and you can tell that it’s something that Ryan and the dad does not want to do anymore.this women’s voice and cackling alone is enough to make you sick but to make your child do this to earn you money is beyond insane! She needs the shitty mother of the year award! And I guarantee that a divorce is in the works ! She acts like a child herself and what man would find that attractive? Not to mention she doesn’t have a look on her . And everyone (parents,family members) all hate this woman! And if I had to guess I’d bet that Ryan is sick of her too ! Feel sorry for him !!

      1. Ryan’s family is awesome – my 4 year old son watches their videos and has since created his own (private) movies through hours of planning and imagination involving our entire family. He also uses a full range of existing or old toys (hand me downs) to make creative scenes or movies – with or without being filmed – and hasn’t asked for new ones based on this channel. Much better than passive cartoon watching….

        A little YouTube is ok, and Ryan Toys helped all of us to remember what weekends are for – letting go, getting outside and being close with our kids at their level. Thank you Ryan and family – you are fun, responsible and hilarious – keep doing you!

      2. As a secondary post, can adults please refrain from throwing personal insults and cussing about Ryan or his family? It just isn’t appropriate for an adult to insult a child’s mother or father publicly on any social media page. We all should try harder to be kind to one another – if you need to vent in anger, best to do it on a Reddit site or somewhere more appropriate.

  3. Hi Ryan and mommy and daddy.
    My son Christopher is 4 years old. He watches you for hours each day. Please could you send him a video email to say hello. He would be very happy if you could say hello to home. We live in Scotland in United Kingdom a long long way away from you guys. Thanks take care.

  4. Hi Ryan I hope you read our message I’m sure you have a lot of people sending you messages. But my daughter watches your videos EVERYDAY not a day goes by that she doesn’t watch Ryan’s videos!She has been watching them since last year if not longer And she has been asking us to meet Ryan she has even asked us to mail her to Ryan is house so she can meet and play with him and I would love to make this possible for her. If there is anyway we could meet you guys that would be the best thing my daughter could have! She has been asking to meet him for a long time already. And we would to see if that would be possible.

  5. My daughter Gianna watches Ryan’s toys Mobile on YouTube everyday and talks about him like he is her best friend in real life …she really wants to meet him… if not meet- is there any way possible we can arrange some kind of contact between my daughter Gianna who is 4 going to be 5 in November and Ryan?? it would make her whole world… please let me know how we can meet

  6. Hello Ryan my son Alexander would like to come visit you he is 4 years old and we will be in California next year he would like to come over and meet you.

  7. Hello Ryan Toys review and Family. My son Ryan watches your videos the whole day. He’s your biggest fan. Me as a mother would like to do something to make my son happy. He is 5 years old and he can’t stop telling me he would like to meet you one day or even go to your house and play with you and your toys.
    Again, it will be my son’s dream to meet Ryan one day. If there’s any anything we could do. Please let me know. I’ll app that. Thank you! Mari and Bryan

  8. Hi Ryan, my grandson Rishik Nair is a biggest fan of yours. He wants to meet you and hug you. He watches your videos whenever he gets chance to watch. Please make his dream come true.

  9. To ryan and ryan dad and ryan mom and Emma and kate, I like all your floor is lava vides , ryan u are a awesome kid. From jackson Lee fields..

  10. Hi Ryan, my 4 year old son looks out the window everyday and asks if you are coming over or if he can come over to your house to play. He watches you every day and since before EMMA and Kate were even in the picture. He now has a 4 month sister and says she’s adorable like Ryan’s sisters. He LOVES cars but he’d LOVE to meet you more . You are a smart, awesome, cute kid and I hope we meet you soon.

  11. Hello Ryan, my name is Sheldon Schmitt and i am 6 yrs old. I live in Québec City canada. I would like To have a postal box addresse so i can send you a special friendship card and gift. I love your reviews and i hope you never stop making them. I also like Sonic toys. Would you be able to do a Sonic toy review for me please? I am sure that other children would also enjoy Sonic.

    Have a great week and and i hope you Will answer my mail. I an driving my mother crazy cause i talk about you all the time.


  12. Hi Ryan, my name is Kennadi Ackerson. I am 4 yrs. old. I think you are a lot of fun and I really want to meet you! Is that possible? I hope so. Can you email me and let me know, please! Thank you !!!
    Love Kennadi

  13. Hi ryan

    My son who was born in phillipines
    And raiae in tje uk wants to invite you to his birthday party on 8th august

    Please email me if you have time my son is big fan just turning 4 this year

  14. Dear Ryan,
    My name is Daniel. I like your shows. I like watching you play with your mom and dad. I would like to come play with you. I think we would be great friends.
    Daniel Grable

    1. Yes. Agreed. I m from Malaysia Penang Island . My son desire to meet you (Ryan)…

      He desire Ryan to meet via VIDEO CALL. like use we chat,what apps and etc…..

  15. Hi Ryan and Family,

    I have a 3 year old daughter, her name is Gabriela, she started watching your videos when she was 2 years old. Every day after she’s done her studying (from home) and everything else that’s scheduled for the day, she would ask me or her daddy to watch Ryan.

    I think one of her favourites is the McDonald’s toys.

    Its just a shame I can’t afford to buy her the toys like what you have, but she does enjoy watching you play.

    Dubai Mum and Gabriela

  16. my son harlem loves u he want to call u and he wants to come to ya house and his birthday october 6 make his wish come true plz ryan

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