Malu Trevejo : Ways to Contact her (Phone Number, Social profiles)

Malu Trevejo : Ways to Contact her (Phone Number, Social profiles)- Malu Trevejo is young Internet sensation who is known for her activities on Instagram. Her fans can also found her on Musical.ly app where she has a good engagement of followers. She always posting videos of her lip syncing to her favorite songs, which made her hugely popular among her fans. Soon, This social media star becomes a huge Hollywood star. She inspired by SiAngie twins, Sianney Garcia and Angelise Garcia.



Instagram is the best way to contact her where she always updates her account. On her account, Malu has engaged 1.5 Million followers who follow her. If you want to follow her then you can use the above link.


She has not an official page on FACEBOOK.


She has joined Twitter in April 2016. You can tweet her at @maludoesitbest where she has gained 16.8K followers. If you want to follow her then visit the above link.

 YOUTUBE: @Channel

Malu Trevejo has her youtube channel and she uploads new videos on her channel. Currently, she has over 826K subscribers. You can leave a comment on one of her uploaded videos.


Permission is not granted access her phone number.

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35 thoughts on “Malu Trevejo : Ways to Contact her (Phone Number, Social profiles)

      1. q bueno malu sabes yo tngo 14 años tu me llevas un año yo naci despues de q tu naciste , naci en el 2003 y tu el 2002 asi q tu tienes 15 años

  1. Malu Trevojo is a fucking slut.I hate her.That slutty whore can’t even talk english.She is a hoe who shoows her body way to much.Hope she reads this and changes her attitude.Fucking bitch she is so fucking ass disgusting and ugle.Hope she has a terrible day.

    1. What is wrong with u at least she can dance what about u and u can’t talk about her language she’s from a different country u don’t know if she got help for her language if u hate her why are u looking her up

    2. Amy you need to shut your fucking bitch ass the fuck up malu travejo is beautiful and the way she talks is perfectly fine I don’t know why you are calling her a slutty hoe because you are a slutty hoe

  2. Malu I literally love you so much !! Your so pretty and such a good belly dancer ❤️ Literally if I tried to belly dance I would probably end up breaking one of my bones but your so pretty and my biggest inspiration and I love you ❤️

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