JoJo Siwa: 9 Ways to Contact Her (Phone Number, Email, House address, Social profiles)

Jojo Siwa: 9 Ways to Contact Her (Phone Number, Email, House address, Social profiles) in 2020- Are you looking for JoJo Siwa aka Joelle Joni Siwa (Real Name) 2020 Contact details like Phone number, Email address, House address or Social media profiles information than you have landed on the perfect page. Jojo Siwa is an amazing Singer, Dancer, and Model. Jojo came into the limelight when she participated in a lifetime Reality show Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. But she was eliminated from the show in the early stages. Later, JoJo has been seen in the Lifetime reality show “Dance Moms”.

Siwa appeared in various Music Videos and she also knows the various dance forms such as Hip-hop, Jazz, Contemporary, and Lyrical. She has already started her merchandise and promoting different accessories that she also uses like Bow. Apart from selling Jojo started a show on Nickelodeons YouTube channel named The JoJo and BowBow Show.


Jojo was born in Nebraska on 19th May 2003. Moreover, Her parents are Jessalyn(mother) and Tom Siwa(Father). Her mother has her own Dance studio in Omaha. Jojo has a brother named Jayden.

jojo siwa Contact details


  • Name-JoJo Siwa
  • Full Name-Joelle Joni Siwa
  • Date of Birth-19th May 2003
  • Birth Place-Omaha, Nebraska
  • Age -17 years
  • Nickname-Jojo, Jojo with Bow Bow
  • Parents- Tom Siwa (Father), Jessalyn (Mother)
  • Sibling-Jayden Siwa
  • Height-1.74m
  • Profession- Dancer, Singer, Model

9 Ways to Contact Jojo:

1. Facebook: @itsjojosiwa

Jojo Siwa has her facebook where she gets approximately 611k likes on her posts. You can also like her via the given link.

2. YoutubeChannel

She created her youtube channel on 1st February 2015 where she posted her musicals for her fans. Furthermore, She has gained 10.5 million subscribers and has millions of views.

3. Instagram: @itsjojosiwa

Jojo Siwa also has her Instagram account where she has accumulated 8.9 million followers and gets near about 100k likes on her each post.

4.  Twitter: @itsjojosiwa

Jojo Siwa created her Twitter account in November 2012 where she has accumulated 440k Followers. If you want to tweet her then click on the above link. 

5. Vine :

We couldn’t find any active Vine account of Jojo.

6. Phone number : 

Many phone numbers are leaked on the internet on the name of JOJO Siwa but none of that numbers actually work. However, You must check the Comments below this post to find the original number of her. 

7. Address :

She lives in Omaha, Nebraska but we have not her exact address.

8. Email id: itsjojosiwa@gmail.com

9.  Website: itsjojosiwa.com

Latest News About Jojo-

Dance Moms Season 7: Jojo Siwa Discontinuing From the Show- Maddie Ziegler and JoJo Siwa used to be competitors in the past seasons of “Dance Moms.” But after Maddie left the reality show, JoJo apparently no longer sees the 14-year-old dancer as her rival but a future BFF.

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Comment below if you wanna convey any message to Jojo Siwa.

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920 thoughts on “JoJo Siwa: 9 Ways to Contact Her (Phone Number, Email, House address, Social profiles)

      1. Hey Jojo, I’m literally one of your biggest fans. I’ve tried everything to contact you. Till I came here.Please respond to the gmail message I sent so we can chat a bit. The name I used there was Abimbola Babatunde. Please reply, I love you and your songs

      1. Hey Jojo I been wondering I have been a fan for a long time and I follow you on instagram and I did Snapchat because I was wondering if I can get to know you better and maybe be friends. Could you please reply Jojo Siwa please.

        1. Hey! It’s JoJo Siwa! I am not giving away my home address or my phone number because I am busy all the time! Maybe next time. I will be doing a fan meet up soon! See you there

        1. Hey jojo its kevin siwa here your same aged brother here i want your phone number so bad because i want to talk to because i love so much jojo siwa ok kevin siwa says.

    1. Hey! It’s JoJo Siwa! I am not giving away my home address or my phone number because I am busy all the time! Maybe next time. I will be doing a fan meet up soon! See you there

  1. Hi Jojo my granddaughter is 3 she will be 4 in Sept. She is supposed to go to your concert in Aug. In Colorado. I was looking at packages but she is to young to go to floor level. Is there any way to get a meet and greet with you.
    She absolutely just loves you.

      1. Hey Jojo, how are you doing. I am a really big fan and 8 love your songs. 8 just wanted to ask how I can contact. I sent you an email to your Gmail account. Please reply so we can chat a bit. The name of the account is bimbofunke……… You will see the mail. Please reply. I ❤️ U

    1. Yeah my number is 865 469 2243 just to let you all know I do look at all the comment and I love you guys so much your the best Fans ever


  2. Hey JoJo I was wondering if you could give me some of your stuff thanks reyonoldsville pa 15851hill st

  3. I am writing to ask for your help. A fellow youtuber, Andrea Mills, is Very sick. She is married, and she is currently pregnant with their 10th child. She found out yesterday that she has cancer in her liver and gall bladder. However this is not the source of her cancer..this is just where it has spread. Her family needs our support and prayers. Please ask your followers to pray for her. You can see their latest post on youtube. This is not a joke!!! They need prayer support. Please help me share her story. Thank You!!!!!

  4. Hey jojo im your biggist FAN my name is morgan my fav song you did was D R E A M whats you fav song you did you are my fav youtuber im 7 years old i wanna go to onwe of you shows i wanna me you in person bye

  5. Hi guys if you want please text my email
    Also guys this isn’t my phone number: 865-469-2243 sorry to break it to you guys

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