Marcus Dobre : 7 Ways to Contact him (Phone Number, Social profiles)

301-245-2201 Update, Marcus Dobre Profile | Contact details (Phone number, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)- Marcus Dobre is a rising Youtube star who has collaborated with his twin brother named Lucas Dobre. In September 2016, he has joined the IMS’s First China-USA Internet Celebrity Summit with other Internet Celebrities. This YouTuber has also performed in the Digi Tour “Team 10” with other social media stars like Alex Lange, AJ Mitchell, Alissa Violet, Neels Visser, and his twin brother Lucas. Here are valid and authenticated Contact details of Marcus.


Name Marcus Dobre
Date of Birth 28th January 1999
Age 25 years old
Place Maryland, United States
Horoscope Aquarius
Parents Aurelia Dobre(mother)
  • Lucas (twin brother)
  • Cyrus(brother)
  • Darius(brother)
Occupation YouTube Star
Nationality American



Marcus has an account on INSTAGRAM in which he has earned millions of followers. Follow Marcus via his Instagram account by using the above link where you can leave a comment with you on one of his recent photos.


He has joined Twitter in October 2012. You can tweet him at @DobreMarcus where he has gained thousands of followers. You can also follow him via the given link.

YOUTUBE: @Channel

He has his own official YouTube channel and this channel has collaborated with his twin brother Lucas. Currently, he has millions of subscribers. you can subscribe to his videos and you can also leave a comment on one of his videos.

VINE: @LucasandMarcus

His Vine account has collaborated with his brother Lucas. On their vine account, They have more than millions of followers. You can also follow them via the above link.

PHONE NUMBER: 301-245-2201

You can use this phone number to contact him now. He has mentioned this number on his Instagram account Bio.

TIKTOK: @dobretwins

Email address- dobrebrothersmgmt@gmail.com

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1,771 thoughts on “Marcus Dobre : 7 Ways to Contact him (Phone Number, Social profiles)

    1. Hi it’s me Paris I really wanna call you I I really really really really really want your phone number please I know where you live I’m just not gonna say it because no other people will go to your house so if you can call me back please and can you take a trip to Cleveland so I can see you dance in I can take a picture with you so my phone number is 4406509656 so you you call that phone

      1. Think you can you guys do us a favor my little brother love your videos and his birthday is coming up and he wants you guys to be at his birthday and we live in Clearwater Florida


    1. Brother i m trying to connect u
      Im 18years old from india i just plz once i want talk vth u plz 9390299857 this my wts up num nd phne num

  1. I really wanna see u and cyrus darius and matty and ivanita also I wanna SEE Christina and romio also I wanna see lucas I wish u can call my phone number AND MY BIGGEST WISH IS SEEING YALL!!!!PLZ MAKE IT TRUE MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMOROW

  2. Hi my name is chloe I love y’alls videos and I’m in live with yall so if yall will text me on my phone number its 662-792-6974 thanks
    Love chloe ❤❣❤

  3. i love you guys can you come to my house 429 prince street in bordentown nj
    love morgan mccarthy

  4. Im the father of 2 young girls that would love to speak to yous but i dont think yous would have time for 2 young public school girls that love watching your channel
    If they can get a way to meet yous and take pics with yous would be tje best thing in the world for them
    They are your biggest fans from canada there names are prairie and justine

  5. hi i love you so much lucas and marcus i wish i and meet you but im in virginia so love you so much i am a fan of you and ivanita so thank you for making these great videos let the haters hate because you are the best my nevaeh payne

  6. Marcus im not like other girls saying comment and only going after you because you are rich having money I really love you with all my heart and I know im billions of km away from you in another continent but that does not mean I can ever forget you im you age 21 and hope you read this message

  7. Hey Lucas I really like you …. Wish you peepzz could just call me …even if it’s just for a few minutes plzzz ((0628529203))

  8. hi lucas and marus I am a big fan I been watch you on youtub since I was 5 U guys are great and cool I like marcus a lot because he’s funny and he’s smart and he’s smile I like it a lot I live in ranger texas and my address is 188 hiway
    love zoe burgess and cool and nice love zoe burgess

  9. Hi Marus and Lucas am 8year old am one of your big fan,have been watching you on YouTube a lot I will like to meet you one day and I live in London Liverpool,I want you to come and make my mummy happy she been looking after me since I was born please can you show up or do something to make her happy she’s all I have I love my mama with all my heart i will be happy if you turn up thanks a lot. 8x dewsbury road Liverpool L4 2xxxxxx. Thanks a lot

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