Millie Bobby Brown : 6 Ways to Contact Her (Phone Number, Email, House address, Social profiles)

Millie Bobby Brown: 6 Ways to Contact Her (Phone Number, Email, House address, Social profiles, Snapchat)- Millie Bobby Brown is an English Actress as well as Model who is famous for her role as Eleven in the Netflix science fiction drama series Stranger Things. She has starred in the music video for Sigma and Birdy’s single “Find Me”. Since November 2016, she has appeared in commercial advertisements for Citigroup. In January 2017, she made her modelling debut in Calvin Klein’s By Appointment campaign. Brown will make her feature film debut in the Godzilla sequel, Godzilla: King of the Monsters.


Facebook – @milliebobbybrown

She has her own official page on FACEBOOK in which she has 1.3M likes. You can follow her and you can also write on her timeline. You can like her page too.

Twitter – @milliestopshate

She has joined the Twitter in July 2017. You can tweet her at @milliestopshate where she has gained 380K followers. If you want to follow her then visit the above link.

Instagram – @milliebobbybrown

Instagram is another way to contact her where she always updates her account. On her account, she has engaged 18.4M followers who follow her. If you want to follow her then you can use the above link.

YouTube – @Channel

She has her youtube channel and she uploads new videos on her channel. Currently, she has over 263.3K subscribers. You can leave a comment on one of her uploaded videos.

Phone Number-

Permission is not granted to access her phone number.

House Address or Postal Address-

She was born in Marbella, Andalusia, Spain but now, she moved to Los Angeles. We couldn’t find her exact address.

Other famous celebs-

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237 thoughts on “Millie Bobby Brown : 6 Ways to Contact Her (Phone Number, Email, House address, Social profiles)

  1. I love you guys all so much and I can’t get to all of you through my social media or real life all the time but I’ll try my best. I don’t use Twitter anymore because the hate was just so much but they are just missing out. All the others though…thank you so much for getting me through that and what has been happening…you all are amazing…and you all are inspiring, keep up all your good works and everything you do. You are all unique and beautiful in your own ways! Mills out!

    1. Millie, I love you so much and stranger. Things is awesome. I love you. In the rest of the cast and I need to find out how to send you a letter in the Mail because it has an invite to my birthday party and a letter for you. And some pictures. Of you and the cast.

      1. Yup
        Did el’ lose her powers or something ?
        Because remember she could not get the teddy bear when they moved out!! I’m season 3 of Stranger things

    2. Heyy there !!
      I m Bhavya and I am 17 years old .. Really , I am a very big fan of your . I love your work and you are my role model. U have made us all proud by being UN ‘s youngest embasder .. I really wanna have your email ID if you don’t mind .. I really want to talk to you.


    3. Dear Millie: you are awesome. Keep up the amazing work with, well, EVERYTHING, and hopefully I’ll see you someday! #StrangerThingForever!

    4. Hi Millie I want your number so we can be friends and I love love LOVE your act in stranger things and your sooo good at it I love you Millie 🙂

    5. Hey my name is Alyssa I’m your biggest fan and ive been waiting a long time for season 4 of stranger things to come out.i just want to say that you inspire me so much and I have 3 stranger things shirts,an eleven pop,and a poster of the stranger things season 3.I love you so much and I hope you see this your my idol can wait for season 4 to come out bye♥️♥️

    6. Hi millie im a really huge fan and i really really really wanna meet you on a call and i will cry so so much if you do. You are my most favourite character out of stranger thing’s and you make me so happy everyday. Love you millie so so much!! im a huge fan of u! <3!
      My mum's phone number (you can leave a voice mail if u want! <3)
      Love u millie!! <3

    7. Hi Millie! I wish I could meet you in person, but I can’t. I think you are a great singer and actress! I just wrote a letter to you to get your autograph!!
      Love you Millie!!! – Chloe

    8. Millie i love you so much my name is Payton my favorite show is stranger things and I love Eleven may please have your number I live so far away and it’s hard to be able to meet you and I want to talk to you in real life and I just love you so much I want to be best friends for ever I just turned 11 and that would be a good birthday present

    9. Heyyy, I’ve literally tried this a lot, so check your Instagram, my cousin, Brooke, has been acting suspicious, but I can’t get on Instagram, so can you see what she has been doing?Please?

    10. Hey Millie, I know you don’t know me but ever since I saw you I don’t know there has been this place in my heart where I just want to be with you. And I know this is weird from a random person you don’t know but I know you wont ever meet me or even want to meet me Anyways I just wanted to get this off my chest that I would do a lot for you and don’t ever let any boy or non fans bring you down you are beautiful, funny and the best any man who has you is the luckiest in the world.

    11. Hey Millie, I am Renuka Ubale and I am your huge fan. You have even inspired me a lot. I have written a Novel inspired by you and some what by Stranger Things. With special Acknowledgement to you. It’s published on Amazon named as “EMYLATE LORDWORTH” I want you to read it once and just let me know through my Instagram account or just tag me “renu_el_11”. It will be my best gift ever. THANK YOU.

    12. Hey Millie I love stranger things I am sad because we live so far away it hurts me in the heart and your my favorite character in stranger things I been trying to get your phone number on the internet for a while now and plz reply back because I just really want to meet you but I can be cause we don’t have a lot of money to meet you but I want to be an actress to and I hope I get to play in a movie or a show when I am an actress my name is Payton I am 11 years old and I am not going to give up on you will find away so you can text me or call me or add me on messenger here is my number if you don’t want to add me on messenger 3479803184! That is my number love you bye!

  2. Hi Millie!! My name is Justine and I am such a huge fan!! I love Stranger Things!! I think that you do such a great job playing Eleven, you are absolutely perfect for that part. I have seen Stranger Things 12 times!! (You can think I’m crazy if you want) Anyway, you are incredible, kind and fun!
    (Please reply, it would make my day)

  3. Millie my name is adrianah i am 12 years old and i would like to know how to become a child actor because i really want to try and audition for stranger things 4 and i found an acting camp but it is too expensive it is 10,000$ for only 2-3 months and my school does not do plays i would be so happy if you could contact me through my email address and give me advice my email is arasc26@apps.pusd.org.

  4. hi, millie my name is marj you are my favorite actress I love watching stranger things I have a question will el get her powers back in season for ?

  5. Hi Millie Bobby Brown, I’m a big fan, I hope you and me could meet each other sometime.
    I was born in 2004, too.
    Sorry if I reposted.

  6. Hey Millie!! My name is Chloe. If you get this please write me back!! Your an amazing actress! I love your makeup its amazing! I just sent you a letter 2 days ago to get your autograph! You are my favorite Stranger Things person! Tell Sadie, Noah, Finn, Gaten, and Caleb I said hi! Love you lots Millie!! – Chloe!

  7. Hi Millie Bobby Brown you are the best please reply me back I really want your number and I really want to be best friends BFF LOVE YOU so bad please your my favorite celebrities and actress same with Sadie I hope you win the kids choice awards I picked you and your my everything ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. I love ur acting as eleven if my mom never showed me stranger things I would never be interest in the show its sad how how in season 1 will got taken by the demgorgan he was gone for the whole season until I think the last episode. If u Snapchat add me @joshuaorduna

  9. Hi Millie ..ah .. i am your big fan but don’t wanna force u to meet or contact me like others do . I used to become like u and meet through my success. I am a Boxer . I am from India. I will do more struggle and do my best for success and to meet you too.
    I want to meet you to tell my secret words to you which is very important for me in my life. My name is Deepu.

  10. Hi Millie I’m a huge fan and I’m British too ! My name is Ellie-Mae Kennedy and I’m 11 years old . I hope you reply to this as I have always wanted to talk to you somehow !!!I do mixed martial arts in Leeds at Premier Martial Arts.

  11. hi millie bobby brown i have been a huge fan of stranger things and all of the cast ive been wanting to meet you or one of your friends from stranger things my name is bella and i really want you guys to come to my birthday party but its in september all of my friends im inviting is a huge fan of you guys i would die to meet you!!!!! i love you so much

  12. I actually have a letter for Millie and I wanna send it but I don’t know where to send it to. she’s my idol I’ve always wanted to be an actress

  13. hey Millie! I love you so much your so beautiful please come to Ontario some day soon I hope I can meet you, your my idol ilsyssm your so pretty and ive always wanted to be an actor

  14. Hey Millie! My name is Aahana and I’m 10 yrs old and I live in India and I’m a huge fan of you.You have really inspired me. My birthday is coming on 5th august. It would mean a lot to me if you could email me.

  15. Hi Millie I just wanted to say that if you see this you can communicate with me in this email lauracamilavelasquezd@gmail.com I also wanted to say that when I grow up I want to be an acriz and I want to go to New York since I live in Colombia and I also want to learn more that language since I don’t know some words, I also wanted to say that you are a great actress and you inspired me to also be an actress when I was 12 years old (I am 10)

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