Lucas and Marcus Dobre : 6 Ways to Contact him (Phone Number, Social profiles)

Lucas and Marcus Dobre Profile | Contact details (Phone number, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)- Marcus Dobre is a rising Youtube star who has collaborated with his twin brother named Lucas Dobre. In September 2016, he has joined the IMS’s First China-USA Internet Celebrity Summit with other Internet Celebrities. This YouTuber has also performed in the Digi Tour “Team 10” with other social media star like Alex Lange, AJ Mitchell, Alissa Violet, Neels Visser and his twin brother Lucas. Here are the valid and authenticated Contact details of Marcus. 

marcus dobre


Name Marcus Dobre
Date of Birth 28th January 1999
Age 17 years old
Place Maryland, United States
Horoscope Aquarius
Parents Aurelia Dobre(mother)
  • Lucas (twin brother)
  • Cyrus(brother)
  • Darius(brother)
Occupation Vine Star
Nationality American



Marcus has an account on INSTAGRAM in which he has earned more than 1.1M followers. Follow Marcus via his Instagram account by using the above link where you can leave a comment with your on one of his recent photos.


He has joined Twitter in October 2012. You can tweet him at @DobreMarcus where he has gained 146K followers. You can also follow him via the given link.


He has an official page on FACEBOOK where he has more than 960.9K likes. You can follow Marcus and you can also write on his timeline. You can like his page too.

YOUTUBE: @Channel

He has his own official YouTube channel and this channel has collaborated with his twin brother Lucas. Currently, he has 836K subscribers. you can subscribe his videos and you can also leave a comment on one of his videos.

VINE: @LucasandMarcus

His Vine account has collaborated with his brother Lucas. On their vine account, They have more than 1.8 million followers. You can also follow them via the above link.


Permission is not granted to access his phone number yet.

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16 thoughts on “Lucas and Marcus Dobre : 6 Ways to Contact him (Phone Number, Social profiles)

    1. Hey Marcus and Lucas. I’m such a huge fan of yall I watch bizzardvark and I keep watching the episode where you guys are in it over and over and over and over again cuz I love y’all guys . If you want to call me, or text, 360-949-8997 is my number. Actually, only call me cuz I can’t recieve any messages right at the moment. Love y’all.

  1. I can’t believe there is only 4 thoughts on their profile thing. The fact that there so amazing and awesome, it shocks me!

  2. Can u guys give me your phone number my cousins and me r a #1 fan of u so so much we even turned on the post notification on musically on your account plz give me your phone number

  3. Call me Marcus I’m your best friend I was all your videos all the time even your new like I like the one that you taking it over your house when you did the Easter egg things you should do a Christmas when next year

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