Grayson Dolan: 8 Ways to Contact him (Phone Number, Social profiles)

Grayson Dolan: 8 Ways to Contact him (Phone Number, Social profiles) 2019- Grayson Dolan is an American Internet sensation who runs a collaborated YouTube channel and this collaboration done with his twin brother Ethan Dolan. Their Youtube channel name is The Dolan Twins where they have engaged 9.3M subscribers. Grayson often wrestles alongside his brother. He won a tournament that took place at Madison Square Garden. These Dolan brothers made their cameo in the new upcoming series named “Famous In Love”.



Grayson Dolan has his youtube channel but this channel has collaborated with his twin brother Ethan Dolan. They upload their new videos on this YouTube channel. Currently, They have over 9.3M subscribers. You can leave a comment on one of their uploaded videos.


Instagram is another way to contact him where he always updates his account. On his account, ben has engaged 9.2M followers who follow him. If you want to follow him then you can use the above link.


He has joined Twitter in October 2013. You can tweet him at @GraysonDolan where he has gained 7.48M followers. If you want to follow him then visit the above link.


He has his own official page on FACEBOOK in which he updates his latest stuff.  You can also write on his timeline. You can like his page too.

Vine: @Channel

He also runs his Vine account where he updates his 6- seconds videos. On his Vine account, he grabbed over 3.4M followers who always follow him.

SNAPCHAT: ethandolan

Phone Number:

Permission is not granted to access his phone number.

Address: N/A

He was born in  New Jersey, United States but we have not his exact address.

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17 thoughts on “Grayson Dolan: 8 Ways to Contact him (Phone Number, Social profiles)

  1. hello
    we have a client that would like to hire the twins for their event, June 9th 2018 at a private home. can you please let me know if they are available and what the cost would be.
    thanks Ralph

      1. Why can’t we have it? Ik sam’s, colby’s, Corey’s, aaron’s, and Jake’s. Ik their address in cali. I’ll trade it.

  2. I work for the company of games and stuff I was wondering if u would like to have a game created about u if u would pls send me your number (Ethan or Grayson) thx B.B.

  3. Could I have his phone number or email to contact him about hosting a birthday party or could you ask him about it? Thanks!

  4. Yo guys who ever has the dolan twin home address, ill trade it for sam, colby, Corey, aaron, and Jake’s address in cali.

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